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The Project

Product Concept and App Design

This project started as a challenge to come up with a futuristic product idea based on new and upcoming technologies. Out of the all the ideas, my concept was voted second best. Groups were then formed for the top 4 ideas, and my concept was refined with the help of my team members.

The concept was a collar able to detect the feelings and actions of dogs, allowing owners to monitor their pets more accurately while away from home. We decided to design an app based off the research done on device usage for our target audience.


Minimalistic Design

When designing the app, it had to be a simple interface with minimal visual noise. The app displays most of the information as infographics, making it far easier for users to quickly gauge progress and other statistics. Colours are also used to highlight progress and status, making it easier to view the important info.

Text was kept to a minimal, as we knew users wouldn’t want to read through large amounts of text when checking on their pet. Symbols were also used where possible to reduce clutter. Lastly, there was a focus on creating a logical hierarchy of information, displaying the most essential information such as profile and health status first.

simple app screen designs

Included Features

The first feature that had to be included was a general overview of the pet’s health. We made sure users were able to add multiple pets and get an overview of each one when clicked on. A more specific overview was also included to show health statistics such as any diseases or deficiencies. Location was also an integral part of the app, as it allowed owners to track their pets and set a lost status.

A timeline was also included so owners can see the actions of their pets throughout the day, as well as their actions through the app. This timeline also includes how certain actions affected the mood of their pets. Lastly, a virtual pat and speak features were included as part of the collar and app. Every feature in the app was designed to work with the current and future technology, researched in this project.

simple app screen designs
collection of app screen designs


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe XD